Enough is Enough!

Enough is Enough is a very brave new theatre play (or more appropriately a gig theatre performed by an all female band)

Brave because it talks about the issues that nobody wants to hear in such an unexpected way, new because it is not done this way before in Wales.…
How is that?

There is so many things that makes Enough is Enough extremely special that I don’t know where to start from…

First of all it is created by people that are my dearest and nearest; Meltem Arikan (the writer), Pinar Ogun (founder of Beaware Productions, actress) and Memet Ali Alabora (the director). Plus the play includes 3 more incredibly talented woman who will certainly captivate you with their charm and artistry.
Enough is Enough is one unique play that toured all around Wales and performed in 21 different venues over a month.

Then of course, there is the subject matter. This play is about being a woman… Something that is so strangely difficult to be in today’s society… (yes it still is!)

It talks, shouts and whispers women’s stories from all ages and social backgrounds. It is angry but gentle, it is full of sadness yet there is joy and laughter in between… However, there is no hope, there is no faith to hide behind! Instead there is a silent scream which helps us to relinquish and share our stories freely and trigger a change. It is an emotional roller coaster but a sort that we all need in our oblivious lives.

This is a project that makes me believe in the power of sharing our stories. It had great reviews and amazing audience feedback, some of it I was lucky enough to witness…

Actually maybe this is enough, because maybe you should still try to catch the last few performances at Chapter this week.

I’m on a constant high to be sharing and working with these immensely talented people. Our last theatre work Mi Minor together became quite a phenomenon in Turkey which is a story for another time. And I believe this one has given Wales a good shake too!

So i’m chuffed that we could support this amazing project with our design and social media services as Me Design.

I had a great time as the art director of the photoshoot for the posters. We wanted to capture the strength of the 4 women. We wanted to show their anger of carrying all these labels that they carry as woman. Mary Wrycherley captured this perfectly! We then took these images and mixed it with brush lettering to create the desperate Enough effect.

Here is a few useful links:

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