Interview with Together & Sunspell

Together & Sunspell is a website dedicated to documenting the works and lives of creative in and around Wales, curated by Irina & Silviu. Here is a beautiful description of who they are and what they do in their own words…

“We are Irina & Silviu and we do everything together. We met at University in Transylvania while studying Philosophy and we have been inseparable ever since, from translating philosophy books to changing diapers, making collages and poetically documenting our life through photography.

Our collages are recipes for alternative worlds, while our photography poetically depicts what we believe to be the best of all possible ones: that of hic et nunc, a narrative whispered through scenes that write themselves in shadows, textures, glances and reflections, chapters from rooms of laughter and future ventures.”

When they approached me to do an interview, I was very intrigued, so I said yes to this mysterious offer. I didn’t know at that stage that they’d want to spend a whole day with me, photographing me, my workplaces and my favourite locations in Cardiff.Then the day came they appeared at my door, while I was doing some calligraphy work for our upcoming wedding. They are such a lovely couple, they have a way of creating this interest around you without being too intrusive. We had a lovely chat in my home/studio space sipping Turkish coffee and they skilfully took these beautiful photos.

When the questions arrived prior to the photoshoot, I was very surprised to see how much research they had done on me, and how many detailed and interesting questions they came up with. I have to say I really admire the beautiful content they create for their website. I admire how it all started with a selfish conquest yet it is curated so selflessly.

If you are interested, here is the interview that tells my story…

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