About the project




BeAware Productions is a new production company based in Cardiff. A young, innovative production house founded to create innovative performing and audio-visual art works.


We were asked to come up with a name and create a corporate identity for the company as well as designing and building a website.


We started the identity design process by learning about the company’s objectives and their standpoint. We then held brainstorming sessions with the BeAware Productions team and finally settled on a name that best expresses what they aim to create. BeAware Productions aims to create awareness…

The key objectives for the identity were to be clean and simple in order to stay away from the typical production company logos.

Bearing this in mind, we chose a typographical approach for the logo and relied on a play-on-words. We then supported the brand with strong colours and visuals on the website.

We are also managing all social media accounts for the company and  we’re very happy to have helped BeAware Productions get started on this new, exciting journey…