About the project

Illustrate Digital


Illustrate is a fairly new company who recently identified their niche as they moved to Cardiff and started growing their team.


Illustrate was often misread as an illustration or design agency as they were called Illustrate Media. The name or logo wasn’t communicating what the company is about now.


Naming: After a couple of naming and branding workshops it became clear that the name ‘Illustrate’ meant a lot to the founders. This led to keeping the name ‘Illustrate’ but adding ‘Digital’ to it in order to communicate that they are a web development company.

Strategy: Together with the Illustrate team we identified the values and objectives of the company which fed into the branding idea and designs.

Web Design & Development

The website was designed and built from scratch which allowed us to really get involved in the user experience for e-commerce websites.

Working with Illustrate Digital we were able to bring  their specialist experience in WordPress to compliment our process. Say it with Bears was a wonderful co-working experience and we’re happy to be providing ongoing design & web support to all our future clients.