About the project




Political Psychology is an eBook about using psychological concepts for political activism and it is primarily informed by the work of Dr. Carl G. Jung.



ME Design was asked to create an eBook and cover design. Ebooks are read on so many different devices these days, we needed to find the right tools to create the eBook. Creating images to sum up each article especially given the subject matter was quite challenging.



After reading all articles over and over again, and looking into Jung’s theories and discourses we dwelled on the idea of illustrating puppets. Having explored puppets we decided that shadow puppets would be the most visually engaging whilst being direct. This resulted in a great collaboration with the talented illustrator Rebecca Sutherland. Together with Rebecca we produced images around the ‘shadow puppets’ idea, where each image had at least three levels of meaning: psychological, symbolic and political. These images are also references to Dr. Carl Jung’s concept of “The Shadow,” which he developed throughout his long career.

The images were created by turning the illustrations into shadow puppets and photographing them.

The photos were taken in the lovely Double L Studios by our lovely Laura Lewis.

We also designed simple website for the book promotion.