Wedding Branding


I got married to the craziest and most wonderful man I know in August. The wedding had not been planned for a year like many other people I know in the UK, we managed it in just a few months. Initially we wanted to keep it very small, 10 people or so without families to keep it simple,  but slowly we realised that that wasn’t going to be possible. So after brainstorming of a few ideas we settled on a small ceremony followed by a reception and dancing in the evening.

We didn’t have much time to prepare for the wedding so I feel very lucky to have friends who shared their skills and ideas with us so generously on the day and before!



Our day was captured by our dear friends Laura Lewis (the ceremony, reception, brides house) together with Scott Jones (grooms house) Josh Bedford (reception), Michele Dfran (Polaroid) we wanted a variety of styles for the day, and all our friends who made this happen have different but really interesting approaches. The outcome is just a lovely documentation of great moments. We didn’t plan any of the photos, we just went with Laura’s suggestions and posed when we had a camera in front of us, I believe this made us and our guests feel a lot more relaxed so we could all enjoy the day.


The cake



Our wedding cake was made by Amy Bedford who is right now at the planning stage of her baking business after a few successful wedding cakes (yay!). We had a 3 layered  cake to entertain everyone’s taste; lemon, chocolate and fruit cake. Amy did such a beautiful job, Paul is still talking about it. I bought a cake topper from eBay, I didn’t even know this was a thing.





I’ve never been a pink loving girly girl however I have always been obsessed with 2 things blue (but the shade of blue that I’d like to call blurp) and ampersands… Until this I’ve never been able to use the two of them together for a project. It goes without saying that as a designer we don’t design with our personal preferences we design for purpose within our own style and choices which is why designing for our wedding was so much fun.

Because of the lack of time we decided not to send printed invites. We sent e-invites, and a meaningful newsletter via Mailchimp.

I had an idea which Paul luckily liked, so together we created a gif for the newsletter. We really enjoyed how the gif using our pictures reflected our relationship from beginning to now.


I thoroughly enjoyed preparing little fun personal touches for the day. Me and Esma (Me Design’s second designer in command) constantly exchanged ideas and finally settled on the idea of gifting our love poem in a bottle with a Turkish and Polish symbol to reflect both mine and Pauls cultures: the evil eye and a spike to protect homes that they will be taken to.

We made photo props of our faces and speech bubbles quotes which was a laugh for us and everybody who know us. Our maid of honour Helen made great use of them to kick off the reception party with a cute little game!



Meltem Arikan is the reason why we are together so we asked her to write the love poem for us, to be read at the ceremony. Nobody knows us like she does, so this couldn’t have been a more perfectly fitting poem. We decided to handwrite a section of the poem and put into the little glass bottles as wedding favours.

Top tip – we also just had to have a stamp which I believe is the easiest way to personalise things quickly, as well as stickers, badges and personalised balloons.





Paul used to be a florist (a man of many talents) so he wanted to prepare the bridal and  bridesmaids bouquet as well as the best men boutonnière’s. We used blue Hydrangea flowers from Sunflower & I. They provided the most beautiful and long lasting flowers. They were all freshly prepared on the day by Paul with the help of Seb, the owner of Sunflower and I.





We had our ceremony in the blue room of Cardiff City Hall (are you noticing a theme here?)

and the reception in 29 Park Place. We were lucky with the weather and made use of the outside space too. In the evening we moved on to Buffalo to party.

All staff and venues were lovely to work with.

Most importantly I had many friends telling me that this was the best wedding they’ve been to because it was so relaxed and unstructured. Of course we had 2 amazing organising wizards; our maid of honour Helen and best man Memet. The most important people of the wedding for sure! Without them the whole thing would have fallen apart… but I also realised it’s important for the organiser (me in this instance) to take a step back and trust everything will happen the way it needs to on the day. I’ve also been told this is the most branded wedding people has been! Bonus!

Our heartfelt thank you to all the act of kindnesses we received by our friends and family 🙏🏽