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How ME can help

We are specialists in many things from branding to social media, to UX & UI design. And this is pretty perfect because this means we can help you create a digital presence with our 3 step journey.


We are here to help you get more confident when starting your brand. In a nutshell, you’ll be having a full agency experience with a real ‘personal’ touch.


Our 3 step process
It's all about YOU!

It is all about ME getting to know you and identifying what is needed to set up a successful, confident brand.

Let ME handle this

This is the courtship, where ME does it all to bring your brand to life.

Let them see YOU!

This is where we support you in your digital journey, be it social media or your UX/UI needs.

Meet Melin, your contact at ME

Melin’s a multi-hyphenate with a passion for everything design. She set up ME Design Studio in  2007 and places human experience at the forefront of digital storytelling. She has over 15 years experience working in London, Turkey and Cardiff and ensures you get the A-Z support you need. 

Our work

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ME thoughts & updates

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