ME Design brings agency benefits with a personal touch. ME collaborates with other creatives so you always have the right expertise on your project.


ME Design is a boutique branding and UX Design Studio. ME Design was founded by Melin Edomwonyi in 2007 with a vision to help brands and individuals create a digital presence. As a UX Design & branding specialist, Melin places experience at the forefront of digital storytelling and is your contact at ME.

At ME, we abide by the 4C’s; curiosity, courage, care and cheer as we manage client discussion to project management seamlessly whilst creating your digital dreams.


ME wants to know more of you, your users and your audience. So, ME asks a lot of questions to get into the why, how, all the if’s and but’s. This helps ME create a tailored plan just for you and your brand story.


Direct and honest communication is at the heart of ME. Open communication takes guts but we believe in being transparent with our clients. Courage gives us the willpower to take a variety of projects and choose honesty over profit in our work.


ME truly cares about our clients and we want the best for them. We support our clients to achieve their goals with designs and customised solutions that deliver results. Mentorship is another way we care and ME supports other women in the creative industry.


We love doing what we do and at ME, we value a fun meeting over a dull one. We want you to see the real us and this builds trust in our relationships. We celebrate every client milestone and cheer our clients every step of the way. There’s never a dull moment when you work with ME.

Meet Melin, your contact at ME

Melin’s a multi-hyphenate with a passion for everything design. She set up ME Design Studio in  2007 and places human experience at the forefront of digital storytelling. She has over 15 years of experience working in London, Turkey, and Cardiff and ensures you get the A-Z support you need.


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We regularly ask for feedback from our clients as we believe learning never stops. We honour our clients with open and honest communications which leads to trust, long-lasting relationships and great work.

The enthusiasm and dedication to the work is second to none. As my business grows, ME design Studio will be my first choice for all design solutions.

Yemi Penn Transformation Life and Business Coach, Engineer

Great communication and ideas for setting up a professional arts website and associated social media. Would highly recommend for anyone involved in theatre and the arts!

Barbara EVans

Melin and company designed the logo and accompanying graphic images for our political podcast, 'The Three Muckrakers.' Cannot say enough positives about her design, her client service ethos and attention to detail. I highly recommend her and her team for any project large or small! Full marks.

Denis Campbell Writer & Author

I really enjoy working with ME design. Melin is very easy to communicate with and always takes my opinions and ideas and turns them into something even better than I had imagined. The whole process is really professional without feeling impersonal at all.

Glesni Price-Jones Theatre Producer