Looking back…

For most of us Covid times have past so quickly, despite of how busy or isolated we have felt.  Which is why I wanted to stop, have a look back at what we have achieved. Firstly I appreciate how much Melin had managed to share with our creative community in the last few months. So I would like to share some of the cool places she has been featured. 

Warrior Women / Story Telling Through Design

We are a long term fans of the Warrior women Collective, so it’s been lovely to see Melin talk branding on their blog. 

I think design that evokes an emotional connection can tell a good story. And for that to happen, the designer will need to have really done their research and connected with the story they want to tell. For me, empathy is the key to a good storytelling in design. As designers, our talent and our day-to-day being is basically learning to walk in other people’s shoes. Empathy must be at the core of everything we do. If we lack that, our work becomes superficial.

MelanMag /
This is what needs to be done to attract more women in tech

Melin actually became a UX Director during the pandemic,  so of course I’m super proud of this. Especially giving that the tech industry is very male dominated, and there somehow is a perception of women not being good at tech.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Create your own space if none is given to you. Don’t let the traditional way of doing business stop you from being yourself.

Peckakucha London

Melin gave a kick ass talk on leadership and communities on Peckakucha London event. I can’t ay much about it apart from, how emotional this is for me. The whole event was great but if you want to skip right to Melin’s talk she is on 2:09. 

And finally! Melin has been featured on this… which to be completely honest I didn’t even know about. I wish you could see my face when I click on a link and saw Melin’s face here.

In the face of extreme challenges, I’ve seen people show more resilience, adapting, pivoting and of course finding creative ways to keep afloat, helping others and their communities.

Many freelancers offered their services for free, supported community initiatives, found time to give practical help to causes close to their hearts.

Creatives have so much to offer, they bring passion, contacts, new ways of thinking, creative problem solving.

Anyway enough of Melin for now 🙂 

Hope you are all keeping safe and sane during these crazy times.