Who says watching Netflix is a waste of time?

I binge-watched the ‘Bold Type’ recently and totally fell in love with the boss lady Jacqueline in there for being the best portrayal of a leader I’ve seen. This was so refreshing especially because women in power on TV are usually portrayed as either ‘bitchy’ to their fellow women colleagues or masculine, alone and sad in their love lives.

Jacqueline Carlyle is the main character in The Bold Type (She is played by Melora Hardin). She is the editor-in-chief of a woman’s magazine and maintains a good relationship with her co-workers. She is married with two sons. 

Jacquiline shows a strong character who is supportive of, and a great role model to young women, as well as extending those virtues to help her ‘men’ colleagues. She knows the difference between being a young woman in business vs a young man in business and fulfills the leadership role required on both sides,  acting accordingly. 

For me, leadership is a mindset. It isn’t how many people you get to manage, it isn’t about being in a place of power and telling people what to do. It is simply having the mindset of wanting to understand people in order to better support them, in addition to gaining experience and expertise in your field. It’s the mindset of always wanting to do better, while also, lifting others. 

“Ability to speak to who somebody is rather than what they are doing or what they’ve done is a really powerful leadership act “

Michael bungay / “DAre to lead” podcast by brene brown

Of course, I’ve learned a lot about leadership from Brene Brown, and every day, I strive to live my life in the most wholehearted and authentic way possible.

My leading journey is a learning journey, and it gets better by me wanting to do better, and working to be better. So please remember, it is important to be aware of what we know and what we are good at just as much as knowing who we are. Only then can we make a lasting impact on others, only when we live authentic, genuine, open, and courageous lives we can lead by example…

“What we know matters but who we are matters more”

brene brown

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