New Year New Me

Welcome to our new website! We had a very busy 2019 and have been growing our client base. In the background we’ve also been working away and we’re excited to launch the new brand. 

This is a good opportunity to tell you who we are and what we do. 

Who are ME? 

We are ME Design; Melin & Esma. 

I’m Melin, I’ve been running Me Design for over 10 years now, sometimes as a side business and sometimes full time. I met Esma while working in advertising in Istanbul, managing social media accounts and campaigns together, including Nutella. Back then I didn’t know that this was the beginning of a new partnership. 

Esma started her career early, working at a design and social media agency because to put it bluntly she’s a millennial and grew up with social media. At the same time she was studying graphic design at university, which has been her favourite subject at school. Esma struck me as a talent, someone hard working who knew how to put up with me! 

After 3 years of working as an art director I moved to Cardiff. I’d previously lived in London but this time I was looking for a fresh new beginning. Even with the distance and time difference we carried on collaborating. Esma added to her skill set and another 3 years on joined me in Cardiff, and we’ve never looked back. 

As well as our work here at ME Design I currently lead the team at the WordPress Specialist agency Illustrate Digital where I get to produce and deliver top notch WordPress sites, which I absolutely love doing. Esma’s passion lies in art and illustration and she runs her own personal projects.

We are generalists…

We’re true multi-hyphenates, which is the best way to be because this way we get to explore different sides of ourselves through collaborations, constantly learn new things, and be involved in projects with people we love. This is why we have decided to put aside the idea of being a niche design studio, and own the fact that together we are the UX designers, graphic designers, illustrators, coders, art directors and social media managers. Yes we can do it all!

It feels good to start 2020 this way, truly embracing ourselves and the joy we get from working together.

Feel free to read more about us, and check out or work here! No pressure 🙂