About the project

Double L Studios

Double L Studio is an L-shaped studio by the River Lea. We were asked to work on creating a corporate identity and a website for Double L Studios. The colour palette was chosen to reflect the youth and friendliness of the studio.

We are happy to have helped the photography studio make a great start in their new and prosperous business.


Laura Lewis Photography

Laura Lewis is a London-based photographer and one of our regular collaborators. Laura specialises in portraiture and reportage in music, fashion and travel.

In 2014 Laura opened her own photography studio, Double L Studios, in East London. We worked on a re-design of Laura’s identity and website after the opening of her studio, hence why both the identities are based on the same idea.


Meltem Arikan

Meltem Arikan is an author and playwright who has dedicated her life to write against the Patriarchal system and to fight for freedom of speech and expression.

A re-design for her corporate identity was required. 3 colours were chosen to reflect on the variety of her writing and one sentence was pulled out of each category; her novels, column & articles, plays. The use of big and beautiful type reflects both her strong words and her femininity.

Pinar Ogun

Pinar Ogun is an actress who is located in the UK and Turkey.

It was clear that a simple corporate identity system that reflects her professionalism was needed for Pinar, which initially resulted in the design of a typographic logo. Her name needed to be legible as well as memorable and beautiful because of the Turkish characters in it. Consequently we collaborated with the typographer Graham Taylor who helped in creating this beautiful typographic logo.

Pinar’s website was recently updated to become more of a simple portfolio site that showcases her work and photos in the simplest and purest way. The website was a custom design for Pinar and was built on Adobe Muse.