a thought provoking short film

Exhibit is a film directed my dear friend Pinar Ogun, produced by Be Aware Productions. She is so creative and talented that everything she puts her mind and interest into becomes an unimaginable experience. I have worked with Pinar since the beginning of her professional carrier so seeing her transform from an actress to a director has been very exciting for me. The film is written by the brilliant Meltem Arikan and like everything else she writes, it is provoking! This is just one of the many exciting things about Pinar’s film “Exhibit”

Moreover I got to work with one my hero designer’s Alex Jenkins on the poster of the film. I admired Alex’s work while I was studying Graphic Design in Norwich as I was listening to the albums that he designed the artworks of at the time. So you can imagine the joy I had, collaborating with him! Here is a reminder of Alex’s brilliant work.

Even though we had to design the poster in a  very limited amount of time, working with him has thought me a lot as well reminding me of the basics of graphic design. There is always something to remember and to learn in design when working with a more experienced designer. As cliche as it sounds ‘Learning never really stops’

Meanwhile Exhibit had a great journey too… It was featured in for Short films Corner in Cannes Festival. Later this year it also got into official selection for Hong Kong Art House Film Festival and FEM Tour Truck. The film also became a finalist for Blow Up Chicago Film Festival.

Update: Exhibit has been given a Special Mention title and is now in the competition.

And lastly Exhibit is a film that I’ve also took part in as an actor. It is my first acting experience which means I had to have a lot of training to be able to do it. It was a very challenging but amazing experience that I’ll never forget. So glad I gave this a go though, it showed me how much I love my profession!

Click here for backstage images and here for the project details and the trailer.