Mr & Mrs Clark

Live art & theatre artists


As a company Mr&Mrs Clark is all about making thought provoking art and theatre performances. They make new and innovative performances that engage audiences. The Clarks were short-listed for the Amnesty International Freedom of Speech Award in 2015 and presented (F.E.A.R.) as part of Wales In Edinburgh in 2017.

Mr&Mrs Clark came to us for a new identity for the company that can influence and create a visual language for their future shows and productions.

First of all they have a very interesting name which is derived from a famous painting.

We wanted was to recreate this in Marega and Gareth style. They have a few performances and looks that defines them, so we used their performance identities to recreate the same seen from the painting.

We tried a few different approaches and settled on a simple unbranded idea. Marega and Gareth specifically requested a DIY looking, not your usual clean and simple logo approach.

We also build their website on WordPress and gave training so they can manage their own content and make the website work for themselves.