Enough is Enough

a feminist gig theatre


Enough is Enough is a gig theatre play that took to the stage in Wales & England in 2017. Written by Meltem Arikan, directed by Memet Ali Alabora and music by Maddie Jones, the play consists of a female only cast. The play is a collection of stories that the Be Aware team collected throught their research in Wales by talking to sex workers, related charities and sexual abuse survivors. These stories are told via rock songs, through the talented musicians of the band ‘Enough is Enough’, beautifully voiced and transformed to the audience. They are angry and  full of rage, yet still joyful and funny.

Art Direction

For the poster’s final photo and the social media images we worked with the talented photographer Mary Wycherley. We wanted to reflect these women’s struggles and desires to get rid of the labels that have been assigned to them by the society. So we prepared their costumes together with the cast as we wanted to reflect them and their characters. We chose to all hand write these labels that all women can relate to by hand on their tops.  

Poster Design & printed materials

We produced the final poster, CD covers for the band, flyers and programmes for each of the play’s tour locations.

Social Media

During the Enough is Enough’s Wales tour we produced social media content and managed all of Be Aware’s social media accounts. We created a visual language that was unique to the play but easy to replicate with different messages throughout the performance.