La Sunita

a unique shoe design brand influenced by flamenco shoes


La Sunita is newly founded shoe design brand founded by Suna Akar Çapan head designer of Elle Shoes. 
La Sunita is  a flamenco inspired hippy soul with a hint of tradition, her keyword is exaltation. She likes: flamenco, family, cats, dogs, friends, fresh flowers, fruits, trees, Aegean Sea, vintage dresses, museums, shiny happy people, festival soul, big sofas, dancing, patterns, perfumes, long car trips, islands, traditional turkish cuisine made by grandmas, Federico Garcia Lorca, Sangria, Sevilla, Madrid, Festival de Jerez, Bosporus, melancholy, freedom, all the colours, all the children, simplicity. 


We needed to create a brand to reflect Suna’s personality as ‘La Sunita’ was directly derived from her, her ideals and passions. She was very colourful, cheerful and a bigger than life personality. The brand needed to be relatable to Spanish culture & flamenco as the inspiration for the shoes was flamenco.


We decided that La Sunita needed to be a character herself. So that we could communicate the brand and its values through this character. After a serial of meetings with Suna and our illustrator Esra we managed to capture the qualities of Suna in a away that we could create a world of her own. La Sunita was born out of Esra‘s magical illustrations and came to live through out the brand elements like shoe boxes and shoe designs.

We also got ourselves involved in designing shoes, and had a great time learning the process of shoe design from Suna.