Say it with Bears

Say it with Bears is the largest online personalised teddy bear shop


Say it with Bears is the largest online personalised teddy bear shop. There is many other online stores that sells personalised items however Say it With Bears is the only one that sells only teddy bears in this size of variety.


Surprisingly Say it with Bears had no branding even though they have been operating and growing over the years. The online store did have a  logo although it was used a multitude of ways..this made for inconsistent brand communication with customers.

We were also asked to design a new e-commerce website with our friends at Illustrate Digital.


We worked with our studio friend Esra to create a face for the brand. We believed that the main product of the brand needed to communicate first. Having a very long name was our first challenge. But very shortly we realised all we had to do was simply “say it with a bears”. So we did and our logo bear was born. Taken from the idea of products ability to be personalised we created numerous versions of the logo.

We also wanted to create a customer experience starting from online shopping & customisation to when they receive their teddy bears, so we gave all our teddies their own voices.

The post cards, birth certificates and gift boxes  continues to reinforce the uniqueness of the bears,  each carrying a message from the teddy bears.


The website was designed and built from scratch which allowed us to really get involved in the user experience for e-commerce websites.

Working with Illustrate Digital we were able to bring  their specialist experience in WordPress to compliment our process. Say it with Bears was a wonderful co-working experience and we’re happy to be providing ongoing design & web support to all our future clients.