Corporate identity for a WordPress nerd

Kyle Nel came to us with a logo design request when starting his new, solo business venture. His background being in WordPress support and development, he was keen to communite his knowledge and love for it through his identity.

Kyle is a remarkable character, he always wears a bow tie, always colour matched his outfits and he loves the client side of his work. Kyle is a peoples person. This being a personal business, it became apparent to us that Kyle’s character needed to be communicated as well as his work. So we combined the two and created a colour palette from Kyle’s wardrobe (yes we really did say wardrobe). 

The result is an identity that really feels like Kyle. It’s personal, gentleman like and friendly just like Kyle. 

We absolutely loved working on closely with Kyle and creating different patterns to be used on his cards, social media accounts and signatures. The patterns and icons can used in alteration. we believe giving a flexible set of corporate elements allows our clients to make their brand theirs.

And we absolutely love how it has turned out, and the great feedback we’ve received so far.