Art Freedom Wales


Art Freedom Wales an exploration of whether Wales is enjoying its right to artistic free expression through online conversations, blogs and social media organised by Index on Censorship. The last leg of these conversations was the event that took place in Chapter Arts. The event opened with, Turkish playwright Meltem Arikan’s speech who is an established artist, with an experience of censorship​ that cost her to move to Wales to live more freely.


We created the visual identity for ArtFreedomWales, which was then applied to slides, posters, letters, social media posts and avatars. Wales and its nature within itself is beautifully poetic,  shamelessly photographic and therefore totally artistic. We wanted to capture Wales’ bare artistry while highlighting the 3 important words to create a contrast. We have to say we loved hearing one of the panelist criticising the visual identity for these exact reasons.




You can read more about the event here.