HDM Tubes Website

HDM website is a great example of how Me Design and Illustrate Media work as partners to create a fresh and professional website as well as helping brands in developing their ideas by providing them both creative and technical support.



When Ozgur and the team at HDM approached us in late 2015 with their ideas for a new corporate website we were excited at the possibility of working on this project as we’d never worked on a brand from steel manufacturing industry.

Everything started with a tour of the pretty darn huge production facility in Cardiff Docks, to get a sense of what they produce and what’s important to them. We’ve got to say, it’s a very impressive place and we probably looked quite silly walking around with dropped jaws for the whole time.


We then set off on our journey of researching, creating ideas, designing and developing the brand new HDM website.

The finished product is something we’re incredibly proud of! Everything you see on the site was created by our amazing team in Cardiff, including the photography.

It wasn’t all easy, we must admit. One of the most difficult areas of the project was in understanding the complexity of what at first seems to be a simple product. After all, it’s just tubes, right? Or not! Would you believe there are so many different variables involved with producing steel tubes?

The finished website has really brought a product as simple as steel tubes to life, showing off the extensive production process, expressing HDM’s professionalism as a company and highlighting the factory’s safety, capacity and quality.