Bak Films

A team of creatives and artists who turns ideas into films and campaigns


Bak is a new video production company driven by ideas and not limited to just video content. 

It is always exciting to work with a new company and we feel privileged that we were given the playground to experiment and have fun creating Bak’s brand. 

‘Bak’ means ‘look’ in Turkish which was inspired by the desire of the Bak team wanting to create work that will make people look. This was also our inspiration…


From the beginning we knew that this should be an adaptable brand that is  open to change as it was so young. After a fair amount of meetings and workshops, we came to an understanding that ‘b a k’ needed to be many things, talking to a variety of audiences.  This isn’t something that us designers always enjoy since our work heavily relies on defining our targets clearly. However we took this as an opportunity to explore and play with different media.

We presented our ideas which were all playful and fun. The idea of the ‘a’ being adaptable, changeable and attention seeking was the key in all logo ideas.

Once a final brand idea was decided on we moved on to the variations and its application. We absolutely loved getting our hands dirty. We created many different versions, animations and patterns which would then be applied to different assets and become brand elements. 


Bak is a very adaptable and exciting young brand, offering tailor made solutions to brands and business. The team loves being able to personalise their business cards and choose a logo for each of their clients. This continues to communicate the idea of their tailor made approach, and the dynamism they bring to any business they work with.

Website & Illustrations

Bak’s website was built on WordPress, and modified on mobile for a better UX journey. We’ve decided to go for portrait illustrations of each team member for the About page.

We’ve also created all of Bak’s social media profiles and currently supporting their social media management team.