Used and Loved

A new way of second hand shopping


Davey and Jess came to us with a wonderful idea and told us about their dream to make second shopping easier and more accessible. Being second hand shoppers themselves and having a great deal of experience in searching items for their home and family, they knew exactly what was missing in the world of online second hand shops.


Firstly we worked on the naming of the brand. The name needed to be easy, catchy but most importantly memorable. After an internal workshop we came up with the final elected name.  

Design Process

We concentrated on the idea of reusing, re-loving, rehoming and recycling. We chose a soft colour palette which inspired by greens to represent nature) and warm colours to encourage action and care.

Branding items 

During our concept phase, we have also enjoyed coming up with concepts that can take the brand further than just being an online brand. Used and Loved were to be a lifestyle, a manifesto an ethical, conscious decision. We wanted the brand to educate and encourage people to re-love objects instead of continuously purchasing new items. 

UX Design & Illustrations

We designed the user journey for the site idea that was invented. It was a great challenge to take on. We have created a set of icons and illustrations to be used on the website. is still under construction and we can not wait to see the whole brand come alive online, on social media platforms and offline.