Y Brian / Kargalar

A first of its kind Welsh and Turkish play


Kargalar is a bilingual theatre -in fact the the first Welsh-Turkish theatre production –  with English-language access facility.

The play questions belonging through the writer’s experiences. The writer discovers she has 2 different sides, 2 different characters to her. Mel & Tem. These characters don’t even speak the same language, but through this chaos, the love of nature and following crows, they take us on a journey of belonging…

R & D Process

Our involvement with the project started at the plays R&D process, where we created posters, and social media ideas to communicate the project and start engagement. 


Once the play had moved onto production, we then created new posters. This time we chose to use simple illustrations instead of photography. 

Book Design

We also designed a book for the play, which enabled the English speaking audience to follow the story. We spent time in the plays rehearsals to make sure that we could visually interpret  how the actors were delivering the lines correctly. We made sure that the book mimicked the performance to provide ease for the audience to follow and create more emotion for the hearing aided audience. 

Social Media

We also created a social media strategy. The communication for all social media channels for the play needed to be in 3 languages.