A video gathering app


Gather-in is a video gathering app that is born out of the online event Istanbul Elswhere’s success during the pandemic. The main inspiration for it has been the ‘meyhane’ culture of Turkey. Meyhane is similar to a tavern, where people gather to (mainly) drink raki (a Turkish alcoholic drink) and share stories with or without Turkish classical music.


We took the Gather-in team through a full process of strategy, naming, and design.


We held 2 workshops with the stakeholders and proposed names ….


This was the first project we worked on purely online, as we were in lockdown. We made use of online tools to be able to go through our process of drawing together. We then put it together.

UX Design

As Gather-in is a purely digital product we designed the UX and Ui for the platform. It great challenge to tackle to design another video platform with a promise.


We loved creating illustrations of gather-in campaigns and their test platforms.