Lil Titsy

Not just a tshirt brand


Lil Titsy is Me Design’s new baby, born out of the desire for self-expression and the multitude of moods that we go through. 

This has been a project we dreamed about bringing to life for years, it has finally turned into a full-blown brand. 


Having yourself as a client had to be one of the hardest things we had to. However, it is also super fun and experimental. Regardless we went through our full branding process.


This being mainly a clothing brand, it was important to get the name right. We knew it had to reflect us as individuals and what we stand for. We also needed to go through the notions of how much we wanted to stick out while perhaps alienating a good portion of people.

The result is;
Lil Titsy – little but courageous

tit·sy / adverb

Definition: determined and courageous; the feminine or unisex equivalent of ballsy

Example: “That woman is so titsy.”


We just let loose and had a play workshop. Created a style that feels a lot more crafty, personal, and handmade.

We wanted the brand to reflect our work process together. Fun and experimental with polished results.

Website & Instagram Design

We chose Wix as a platform. This project has thought us the ease and the flexibility that the platform gives. Yes we still love WordPress but each to their own, right?

We of course designed our grid for Instagram as Instagram is our bread and butter.