an innovative product for women who don't fit standards


TStraps is an innovative product by Aretha Solanke.

It is a simple double-ended, button-holed fastening, elasticated strap, used to secure a user’s tights/leggings up in place all day long.

The inventor, Aretha, participated in Dragon’s Den with a demonstration of TStrap and, as a result, she managed to stock her product in stores.


TStrap is a completely new product, there isn’t a similar product to it in the market. After an initial research & brainstorming session we realised that the closest retail market was underwear. The product targets woman in all shapes and ages, so we needed to ensure the brand was relatable to all.


We went for the simple idea of turning the product into a logo. The identity is supported by pastel colours, patterns and natural looking images of women.


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