Madi Band

Art direction for a 'weirdo pop' music video

Maddie Jones is an award winning Welsh singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Maddi describes her electronic pop sound as ‘weirdo pop’, and her unique style is an inspiration.

Our relationship with Maddie started in the set of a musical theatre play ‘Enough is Enough’’ which she wrote the music and performed in. The play was an incredible project to be part of, and working with a 5 talented woman has already been a great experience for us so when the director Pinar Ogun and Maddie asked us to do the art direction for Madi Band’s ‘Dirty Word’ we said ye sin a heartbeat!

Maddie works with her mother, Gigi Jones a multi disciplined artist who helps her re-create her unique style in each video, concert and album. This created a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with to achieve Pinar’s vision for the video. We knew that David Bowie was Maddie’s all time hero. Sharing this passion with Maddie and combining Pinar’s passion for nature, we knew that we needed to create a look that was bold, sharp and feminine. 

Pinar also requested that Maddie’s make up and outfit would show the progress or the development of the character being created in the video which is exactly what we did.